1/12th Scale Dollshouse Dolls Earlier Period Dolls by Ann Lucas

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1/12th Scale

Venetian Carnival Man EP20

Young Man in blue silk coat and gold silk breeches and long waistcoat with   co-ordinating trim and gold "buttons".
White shirt with lace neck ruff. 
Painted mask.   White wig and black tricorn hat. White stockings and black leather shoes with gold buckles.
Black and gold walking cane.
White painted gloves.
 Swivel head on shoulder plate with half length arms and legs.



Venetian Carnival Lady EP21

Young lady in blue and gold silk gown with co-ordinating trim and ecru lace.
Painted mask with black veil. Lace and gold fan. White painted gloves.
White wig.
Black painted shoes.
White underwear.