1/12th Scale Miniature Dollshouse Dolls 20th Century Dolls from World Of My Own

The following dolls are in stock and may be purchased by email,             phone or post.  Please quote the code number shown.                                                All standing dolls are supplied on a doll stand.

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1/12th Scale


Man in beige/olive check suit.                                                       White shirt and gold silk bow tie.                                                 Dark brown hair and moustache.
Black painted shoes.

  Fixed head on torso with half-length
arms and legs.



Man in beige/olive check suit, white short and                           green bow tie.standing with hand in trouser pocket.                   Black leather shoes.   Auburn hair.

Swivel  head on shoulder plate 
with half-length arms and legs.



Modern girl in denim skirt and Liberty print blouse with white collar and white 'buttons'.  Dark blue leather belt with silver buckle, white ankle socks and
dark blue leather shoes.  Light auburn hair with pink silk ribbon bow.

Swivel head on shoulder plate
with half-length arms and legs.