Miniature Whitewood Dollshouse Furniture to stain & paint - 1/12th scale from Rob Lucas Miniatures


My range of 1/12th Scale Whitewood Dollshouse Furniture is mainly based upon Victorian country-style designs taken from photographs or
drawings of full size furniture.   They are correctly scaled and made from fine-grained wood which gives a good surface for a variety of finishes.

Natural Wood Effect:   I recommend the use of liquid wax which is available in a variety of shades from most DIY stores.
                                    Various makes are available such as Liberon.

Natural Wood Finish using Liquid Wax  


Before beginning, check to see if any additional sanding is required. 
In most cases this will not be necessary but, if it is, use only a very fine grade of sandpaper (400 or finer).
Use a sheet of folded kitchen roll to remove any excess dust from the surface.

Apply the first coat of Liquid Wax using a fine brush, going with the grain wherever possible.
Do not overload the brush and try to get a smooth even finish.  
Door and drawer edges need only a very small amount to give colour,
this will ensure they still fit easily.  Leave the piece to dry for several hours.

When dry, polish all surfaces carefully with a small square of lint-free cloth,
folding it to get into the corners.   Repeat the process with a second coat
of liquid wax and, when dry, polish to a deep but subtle shine.


Paint Finish  Acrylic craft paints or a good quality emulsion can be used.   When dry, sand lightly
                         with a very fine grade sandpaper and apply a coat of clear wax polish.

I can also make made-to-measure items to your own requirements.


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