Miniature Dollshouse Dolls 1/12th scale - Victorian & Edwardian Ladies from World Of My Own


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  1/12th Scale

VEL 46                             £62
Edw lady burg/olive
VEL47                              £62
Edw lady cream

VEL 41                              £72
Victorian Pink Hairstripe Sitting Old Lady

VEL42                              £72
Edwardian lady blue liberty
VEL43                              £72
Edwardian lady cream
VEL44                               £72
Blue stripe/black lace old lady
VEL45                               £72
Edwardian Lady Burgundy,olive

VEL32                              £85
Blue/cream Victorian Lady

VEL33                              £72
Sitting blue/grey Lady

VEL34                               £85
Victorian Brown/Rust Stripe Lady

 VEL35                             £72
Sitting blue/grey Old Lady

 VEL36                             £85
Victorian Green Stripe/Gold Lady

VEL37                               £60
Shawl Lady with shopping basket

VEL38                              £60
Shawl Lady with shopping trolley


VEL40                               £72
Edwardian Lady brown silk


VEL1                                £62
Gold Victorian Lady

VEL2                                 £52
Floral Aunt Sarah

VEL4                                £72
Downton Lady

VEL5                                £85
gold vict lady


VEL7                                 £54
cream/burg stripe ldy

VEL8                                 £45
dress on stand

VEL9                                 £70
edwardian bride

VEL11                               £64
evening gown lady wine/black

VEL12                               £85
sitting ballgown lady rust

VEL13                              £48
underwear lady blonde

VEL14                              £48
underwear lady dark hair

VEL15                      £85(pair)
nightdress lady   maid

VEL16                              £85
pink victorian ballgown

VEL18                            £110
victorian evening gown lady pink/cream

VEL21                               £62
red tartan lady

VEL22                              £60
sitting mother/baby

VEL23                               £48
Corset Lady
VEL24                              £60
peach/ecru lady
VEL25                              £52
cotton print/lace shawl old lady

VEL27                              £62
sitting old lady in black

 VEL28                              £60
rust stripe vict lady

VEL29                               £54
old lady with knitting
VEL30                               £85
pink hairstripe/blue vict lady

 VEL31                              £62
cream/black edwardian lady

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