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Comments from previous customers sent by post or email:


Good morning Anne, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and that the sun is shining in Kent.I just wanted to let you know that my doll/s arrived safely this morning.
Thank you so much, she is really beautiful. Sadly she won’t be inhabiting her own room any time soon, I’m still in the process of building the house.
I have opened the box however, and checked everything and it is all perfect.         
I look forward to buying another doll from you as soon as I can. Stay safe.
Best wishes, AL       June2020                                          


Hi Ann,I have received my gorgeous dolls already. Many thanks, the little ballerina is adorable. 
Regards, SM  June2020


Hello Ann, your parcel arrived earlier. The doll is very delicate and really beautiful and the wigs are a much higher standard than the others I bought.
I can’t believe the difference. Thank you so much. I will enjoy buying more from you.
Thank you .  
MC    June2020


Hello Ann,Just to let you know that I received the figure today and very nice it is too!    
The detailing is extremely nice and the uniform just great.Well done Ann and thank you very much indeed.   
Kind Regards,DB  June2020


Dear Ann    Thank you for my lovely georgian cook she is perfect!!! I will be in touch at the end of the
month to order a the georgian child (girl). Take care   
Kind regards CH,    June2020


Hi Rob     Thank you for the shelves that arrived yesterday, exactly what I wanted.   
Best wishes   SG    May2020


Hello...just to say that I have received the dolls and am delighted with them! Thank you so much!  
I am organising photos and will send you details for the next 5 !  
Best wishes,  DT    May2020


Hi Rob & Ann  Shelving came today. Superb as usual. Thanks for making these for me.
WH    May2020


Hi Ann    Just to let you know that my gardener arrived safely this morning.  Another of your fabulous dolls to add to my collection.    
Many thanks and hope you are safe and we   
Best wishes, ED    May2020


My doll kits arrived safely today. Thank you, very pleased with them.  
LS    May2020


Dear Ann     Just a note to let you know I have received my knife grinder and cart today and I absolutely love them!
The attention to detail on him is excellent and the preciseness of the cart and the tools are amazing! A lot of work has obviously gone into them
and I thank you very much for making them for me.   Stay safe.   
With best wishes, SH  May2020


Hi Ann,    Just to let you know my doll arrived this morning. Many thanks, he’s great.  
I’ll be ordering another in due course.     Stay safe     
Regards, SM     Apr2020


Hi Ann   The dolls arrived safely. They are perfect, thank you so much.   Stay safe.
Regards,   CB     Apr2020


Parcel arrived, beautiful items thank you xx   
EW Apr2020


Hi Rob,   Received my furniture today. Absolutely perfect as always.... your work is so fine and delicate.    
Thank you very much once again and I’m sure I’ll be back for more soon.   
Best wishes,  DC    Mar2020


Hello Ann Thank you very much for everything. I have already received it is wonderful like everything you do and the equipment is cute.
Thank you. Take care.    Un abrazo.   
MR     Mar2020


Dear Ann and Rob,    Just to say thank you for the beautiful dresser you sent. The dresser is now residing in my dolls house kitchen and looks wonderful.   
Many thanks    SD    Feb2020


Hello Ann      Many thanks for the safe delivery of those two gentlemen dolls I ordered from you, they have just arrived safely (Thursday) and are just lovely.
I like the way the clothes fit them so good. I will have to see what other gentlemen you have in black suits.    
Bye for now  PF    Mar2020


Hi Ann, Received my doll yesterday (so quickly) Many thanks, he looks gorgeous in my house. 
I have my eye on another couple of your gents so hopefully will be in touch again in the not too distant future, if they’re still available   
Kind regards    SM    Mar2020


Hello Ann,    Sorry for not messaging earlier, I just wanted to say that I received my order.   She is wonderful and I'm over the moon with her.  
Another fantastic person from yourself.  I will be in touch for another order!   
Thank you again,   LJ    Feb2020


Hi AnnM.  The postman has just been and I just had to tell you how absolutely delighted I am with “Francoise”.  She looks just right seated in my French patisserie next to a plate of delicious cakes
and a handbag perched by her feet!  The dress fabric looked quite “tweedy” in the jpg, but in reality it is much better -a lovely understated silk with a soft sheen.Mm.
I’ll try and send you a jpg of her sitting in the café along with the waitress (Agnes) that you also made for me.
Thank you so much.   WT Feb2020


Dear AnnM. I received my Elizabeth Bennett today she is absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much have a wonderful Christmas.   
Kind regards  CL    Dec2019


Hi Rob,  Thank you very much for making me the Murphy bed. The headboard inside the cupboard is an added bonus.
eed to make a mattress which will be thin and very lightweight. The thin foam will be ideal and it can still be folded up.  
Your skills are amazing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when it comes. Hope you have a great time over the festive period.
Kind Regards WH Dec2019


Dear Ann,   The Old man arrived safely this morning.  Unfortunately, as he is a present from my husband, I have to wait until Christmas Day before I can open the parcel!  
Thank you once again, I will be in touch again in the New Year.  
With every good wish for Christmas. JD   Dec2019


Good morning Ann    Omg he’s absolutely perfect - thank you so much I am so pleased. Can you send me the invoice and I’ll sort out payment  
Thanks 🙏   PB   Nov2019


Hi Anne   the butler arrived today he is brilliant  the attention to detail is fantastic    Thank you once again for a wonderful doll.   
GN    Nov2019


Good afternoon Ann,    Just to let you know they arrived.   They are amazing Ann, I'm thrilled with them, and will certainly look the part in my house.  
The detail of them is just amazing, and the clothing is just beautiful really beautiful.   Thank you so much for all your time you spend making these dolls for me.  
Look forward hearing from you soon.  
LJ    Sept2019


Hi Rob,  Postman has been, parcel delivered!  I’m delighted with everything ... love the dresser!  
Many thanks, CK  Sept2019


Hi Anne I have received. I am happy they are wonderfulllllll.   THANK YOU .  
Kisses  MR   Aug2019


Thank you so much Rob!!!! I am over the moon with the cupboards!!! They are perfect & the measurements are “spot on”!! Perfection in miniature!!!!   Thank you!!!   
Kind regards  CA  Aug2019


Hi Ann. I would just like to say a huge thank you for my order which I received today.   
Your work is excellent and the attention to detail is outstanding.
Kindest regards  JB   Jun2019


Dear Ann,  Thank you for your email.  The gentleman doll has arrived safely today and I have to tell you that I am delighted. 
He is beautifully made, clever you!   Thank you.  
Best wishes. JP  Jun2019


Hello there Ann & Rob,   My sincere apologies for not writing to you before!  I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the dresser you made for me!   
It is perfect for the space I need it for and it has spurred me on to finish the kitchen off!!   Many thanks again - it's a pleasure to own one of your pieces.  
VA May 19


Hello Ann.   Wow, wow,wow!  I'm so over the moon. Just look at him!  Can't wait to meet him now.    LJ April 19


I just wanted to say thank you so, so much for my beautiful furniture which arrived today. It is just amazing and looks perfect in my kitchen.
The most incredibly skill and detail has just brought the whole room to life. I’ll be back for a lot more.  I also meant to say how much I enjoyed unpacking
the beautifully wrapped items. It felt a real treat to be unpacking each one. Once the room is finished I’ll send some photos.
Thank you.  LP   April 19


Good afternoon, my order arrived today safe and sound.Very happy, many thanks and
Kind regards   April 19


Hi Ann,  I’ve received the little doll, safe and sound. Thank you so much, she’s adorable. The photo didn’t do her justice.  
SM   April 19


Hi Rob, just to let you know that my order arrived safely. Thank you so much for making such a detailed and charming replica.
It is truly beautiful and I am thrilled with the result. 
Best wishes from  OA April 19


I have received the sink really pleased with it.  Many thanks   
MC  March 19


Hello Rob   The shelves arrived safely today...they are absolutely perfect so many many thanks.      
LB March 19


Good Morning Ann,  Just to say thank you for the lovely Georgian doll, she is impressive.   The way her head can be rotated in different directions fascinates me and
she creates a threatre (brings the house to life) inside the Georgian dolls house.   
Thank you and I will undoubtedly be back for a male doll in due course.   
Kind regards,  C Mar 19


Hi Ann,  Thanks for the last batch of figures. Mum loves them.  
PE  Feb 19


Dear Ann,  Yesterday I received your package containing the very nice coat for Mr Badger and the sweet, pink lady’s dressing gown – how lovely!
Thank you so much.   
The coat is perfect and what detail! – tiny buttons and button holes. The fabric is very good and your work so careful.
Hats off to you! 
????  I so much appreciate your willingness to make these two items for me.  I hope you have a delightful Christmas!  
Kind regards………………AB     December 18


Thank you Ann.   He is wonderful.   And arrived safely.    I’ll be in touch soon when I need more lovely people.  
Thanks again   JP   Nov18


Hello Ann   “Ernie & Faith“ arrived safely yesterday and I am over the moon with them! They look even better “in the flesh”. I’m so happy!!
I’ll definitely be in touch in the New Year with 3 more commissions to complete my project.  Thanks again!!!  Kind regards    
CA   Nov 18


Hi Anne,  The man on the loo you so kindly made for me is finally completed.  I wanted to make Jack Black, Queen Victoria's rat catcher and the outside privvie in my new extension was the only space I had for him LOL.  Kindest Regards    SJ    Nov 18


Very very happy with my cupboard - loved the link to Shepherds £50 of love in fact!!!   SP  Oct 18


Hi There   I met you at Miniatura and said i’d send a photo of the Japanese Lady I made thanks to your help and guidance!   I hope you like her!   Many Thanks again!  TC   Oct 18


Hi Anne,  I received my Henry V111 and Anne Boleyn dolls today and I am absolutely thrilled with them, especially Anne she is enchanting, she happens to be a distant cousin of mine and I know they will both be very much at home in my Tudor house, the workmanship is beautiful and I cannot thank you enough, when my house is ready I will send you pictures, thanking you once again and have a great day x    CW   Aug 18


Hi Ann. The doll kits have just arrived and I am very pleased with them.Thank you very much for the great products and the excellent service!  Regards  J  Oct16


Dear Ann   Received your parcel last Friday. Contents up to your usual standard - excellent!   Many thanks.   Will need more when my new house is finished.  G  Oct 16


Hi Ann  Thanks so much for the lovely furniture.  It is beautifully made and I am very pleased.  I will be coming back to you for some more shortly.  Best wishes  K. Oct16


The figures and furniture arrived in perfect order today thank you, what a great service you offer.
They are really fantastic: their faces are so full of character, each being so different and their clothing just right for the Victorian era. The gardener sits exactly as I wanted in the lovely chair and with a few veg in the trug will be just as I imagined it. They make a perfect addition to my dolls house.   Thank you both so much.  M  Oct 16


I have just received the little wall cabinet you made for me. It is exactly what I wanted and I am really delighted with it. So beautifully made!
Thank you very much for making it for me. I can now have my bathroom looking very much like the picture.  HC   Aug 2016 


Hi Both   Beautifully made and beautifully wrapped! Many thanks  SM   Aug 2016 


Hi Anne the dolls all arrived safely. We are over the moon with them with the attention to detail in their outfits. We can't thank you enough. Thank you so much   GN and SP Jun 2016


Hi World Of My Own   My doll has arrived ,thank you so much she is beautiful lovely work .  Many thanks  P Aug 2016


Just got back from holiday. The two dolls are lovely - really chuffed with them!  Aug 2016 


Just received my butler doll and he is perfect, from his greying hair to his shiny black shoes!        Thank you so much  L   Aug 2016


Bonjour Ann, mon merveilleux petit garçon est bien arrivé dans sa nouvelle maison je l'adore !!!   Il est magnifique avec ses beaux yeux bleus, son joli costume et ses chaussures en cuir, il a retrouvé son grand frère et la famille est maintenant au complet
Vous êtes une grande Artiste merci beaucoup Ann
Best wishes  D  Feb 2016


Safely with me and I think the dresser is FAB!   I can only guess at the amount of time and care taken making it but it is quite perfect and will add a great deal to the house when finally in place.  Thank you very much,  B   Feb 2016


Hi Rob   Parcel arrived today. The bespoke waterfall bookcases are exactly what I was looking for and look even better in real life than the photo. The handles you created are perfect. Thank you for your attention to detail. The whitewood furniture is also a delight and I will certainly be back for more soon. Fine handmade furniture like yours is a world away from the mass produced stuff. Much more elegant and in scale.  Please feel free to post any/all of this on your website should you wish to do so.  Thanks again.  W  Dec 2015  


Order received safely and all items are excellent, thank you.  All the best for Christmas and 2016.     M  Dec 2015 


Hello Rob   Just to say thank you for the chest – it is perfect – just right for my beach house project and I’m enjoying painting it.   Best wishes  CS  Dec 2015 


Dear Ann  Many thanks, the beds as ordered, have just arrived and they fit in just perfectly. All that remains now is for me to either paint or stain them and then dress them. They were packed so well that I thought I may be until tonight just trying to get into the parcel!!!
Anyway thanks to you both.  
PV  Nov 2015
Just to let you know I am soooo thrilled with my furniture! Perfectly made as always! 
Kindest regards,  M  Oct 2015
Hi,   Just to let you know my order arrived safely yesterday and that everything is wonderful and so beautifully made, as expected.  Thank you again,  Kind regards,   J Jun 2015
Hi Rob   The sink and cupboard arrived on Monday just before we left for holiday.  They look fabulous!!!!!  Thank you so very much-I am thrilled!  Photos to come when the box is finished.
Thanks again!  All the best,  S  Jun 2015
Dear Ann,   Many thanks for my Policeman doll.   He's just perfect!    I have saved the documents you sent about the history of the uniform too.   It's all very interesting  -  & I assume you based my doll on Constable Tom Smith's photo.  The likeness is so good, even down to his "pot-belly"!   I'm now making a wish-list for future purchases & have just one more question for you.  Do your sitting lady dolls actually come on chairs or are they just posed ready to be seated?   Thanks again,  Best regards,  MF June 2015

Hi,  Just to say I got my cupboards today and they are perfect......thank you very much!  J  Mar 2015

Hi Ann,  Order arrived today thank you and it all looks great.  Many thanks once again.  Kind regards,J  Feb 2015


Hi,  The dresser arrived today! It's perfect. Thank you!  B  Feb 2015


Hi Ann   Just to let you know that the parcel arrived today, it was just what I wanted, thanks very much.   Will be in touch at a later date with another order.   Best wishes  G  Feb 2015


Hello Rob  Parcel received this morning at 9.45.   I thought no one could wrap a parcel better than my partner when he sends die-cast model excavators but yours is well up there. Thanks.   The whitewood furniture pieces are brilliant. The bespoke bookcase fits the space perfectly and made to a high standard.    I would certainly recommend you to any dolls house owner and I will put a message on your website later today.   Many thanks for the furniture, the quality and the prompt service.  Best Wishes.  Hope you have a good Christmas and a prosperous New Year.   Thank you.    PS I'll send you a picture if you would like one.   M. Dec 2014


Hello Ann,  I've just collected the dolls from the post office (I was out when they called!). I absolutely love them! Again your amazing talent shines through. The detailing and quality is just the very best. So happy with the little girl (and her dress!) and the butler is perfectly grand.
Thank you very much.   I wish you a very Happy Christmas. I will be in touch early in the New Year (think I'll be needing just one more regency gent to balance up the males!)  Regards,  J  Dec 2014


Hello Ann,  Thank you again for the little kits and bits that arrived here today. What excellent service I have had from you! And they are fun. I am quite sure I shall be in contact with you again in the new year.   Meanwhile, may I wish you and yours a most Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year.   B  Dec 2014


Just to let you know, the little pieces you made for me fit in my ski lodge perfectly. I have just put a clear spray varnish on them and they are just fab.   Work still in progress, but I thought you might like to see where they are!   See you at the next show.   Regards   K  June 2014


Ann   Got the two dolls this week. I love them!!! They are perfect  Thank you    J   Dec 2014



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